Hefei s one of the most reputable fertilizer company in Spain, our specialty is the vegetable nutrition and biological plant protection.

Hefe belong to a important agriculture company Group with more than 30 years experience this Group is working in Cotton, and tomato industries, and recently in Business construction.

Today Hefe is offering to his costumer in all over the world more than 70 different formulas to cover all the plants needs from the planting, or transplanting to the harvesting time. The main crops where Hefe is working are: Olive, Vegetables, Citric, Corn, Wheat, Palm oil, Tropical crops, Berry’s, etc.

In order to assure our success in the international market, Hefe have register his product in all the markets where it need it, and also have the organic certification from ECOCERT under Europe USA, and Japan policy.


International markets:


Hefe is present in the following markets with his own branches:

Maroc: Administrative office en Tanger, Commercial Office in Tarudant.

India: Administrative and managing office in Ahmedabad, and other commercial office in Jogpur.

For 2011 we are planning to open a company in Mexico, Chile, and Peru. Also with Chile government we are going to open a Amino Acid factory in Chile.

Hefe is offering his products in the following markets through importers and distributors:


 Argelia, Tunez, Syria, Lybia, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Thailand Taiwan China, Portugal, South France, Mexico, Chile, Peru. 



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